Aku harus berterimakasih sama kamu, karena kamu memberiku kesempatan, satu kali lagi, agar aku tersadar dan tidak menggantungkan kebahagiaan ku di tangan orang lain.
She said “Fine” then staring straight to the star-studded sky. Her eyes looks unfocused. Tears falling from her eyes with a sudden. Tears explaining her feelings on that worst night.
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and, when there’s no one like you, does not mean you are the only one. It means, i can’t replaced you, and someone else better means nothing to me. You mean so much to me.
I’m ready if one day you just silent, then opened wide steps and walked to the back. I’m ready for the next time you stop and look at me with a blank stare, then gave me a goodbye smile. I’m ready for the next time I see you smiling with other people. Even I am ready if one day we meet again, it will only be seen 2 people who do not know each other, and the memories swirling in your head like a piece of old and obsolete cd playback. And if that last sentence would happen in real life, I’ll keep my feelings deep. I will not throw it away. I just keep it in the long term. Whether it will fade and worn, or it will come back again. Let the time to answer all the riddles of my memory about this.
And until this time, I still loving you. And your name will always in my prayer. My pray, the same pray i always prayed. With the same expectations, be on your side forever.
Well, no matter how hard i’ve tried.Forgetting you is never seems so easy. And i hope, i’ll found a guy like you, and could completely be mine.
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Sampai detik ini, aku masih menyayangi mu. Dan namamu selalu berada di setiap doaku. Doa yang sama setiap harinya kupanjatkan. Dengan harapan yang sama, untuk  berada di sisimu selamanya.